A New, Proactive Approach to Breast Health

Ask almost any woman how she takes care of herself and you’ll get a dizzying array of answers. From Zumba® to CrossFit®, gluten-free to probiotics, standing desks to yoga mats, one trend is clear: women are taking a more active, personal role in controlling their own health and wellness.

Proactive breast health - yoga

Growth of the “proactive health” trend among women is no surprise, as mass media, social outlets, and even the medical community continue to trumpet the benefits – both physical and emotional – of embracing a personal wellness regimen.

Even so, there are some gaps in how women take care of themselves. Breast-related issues are among the top health concerns among women. Most women are aware of the risk factors and informed about tests and screenings they can undergo in order to reduce risk. Mammograms and monthly self-checks are chief among common early detection methods, but there are a variety of other steps women can take every day to help promote breast health.

breast self examinationMany simple tips for promoting breast health have a lot in common with other general health tips: eat clean, don’t smoke, drink more water, exercise regularly. Breast-specific behaviors include choosing the right-fitting bra, standing up straight, self-massage, and of course, keeping up with those regular breast self-exams and annual screenings.

But now women can specifically address their breast health from within. Violet® iodine is a non-prescription, non-hormone, daily supplement that promotes breast health. When taken daily, it encourages breast cell turnover thereby restoring the natural, healthy balance of breast cells resulting in the decrease in swollen breast tissue.

Sad to happy boobsMost women are familiar with the breast pain that comes with their menstrual cycles. What they may not know is that the underlying cause of this discomfort is often due to the swelling of their breast tissue – in fact, a recent survey indicates that nearly 70% of women endure some sort of breast discomfort, which they describe as heaviness, aches, swelling, and tenderness in their breasts. While many treat their symptoms with over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen these options may only provide temporary relief. Violet alleviates the discomfort by addressing the underlying cause of the discomfort while simultaneously promoting optimal breast health.

In the end, a better breast health regimen comes down to proactive choices – diet, exercise, and now, Violet. To learn more about breast health and the benefits of Violet iodine, visit violetdaily.com.

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