Voluntary Mastectomy
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The Angelina Effect

You’ve probably caught wind of a recent movement for some women to opt for a voluntary mastectomy. Those two words seem scary, and you may wonder why an extreme surgery to remove breasts has become more commonplace. Isn’t that supposed to be a last resort?

Well, it actually makes a lot of sense, with the prevalence …

Breast Health

Kale is out. Seaweed is in.

Remember when kale became a “thing?” Salads, smoothies, side dishes – they were all suddenly incomplete without lettuce’s forgotten sibling. Everywhere you looked, people were turning up their noses at spinach in the name of the newest superfood.

Well, kale is old news. According to a new report, 2016 is all about seaweed – kale’s hip, …

Breast Health

A New, Proactive Approach to Breast Health

Ask almost any woman how she takes care of herself and you’ll get a dizzying array of answers. From Zumba® to CrossFit®, gluten-free to probiotics, standing desks to yoga mats, one trend is clear: women are taking a more active, personal role in controlling their own health and wellness.