Ali Levine

ali_500bwThe Girls Have Something to Say podcast contributor, Ali Levine is New York’s hot-shot-turned-Hollywood “it girl” who is a celebrity stylist, fashion expert and host/ TV personality. Beginning her career working with such brands as Target and Coach, Ali quickly progressed and is now a top contributor with USA Today, the LA Times, the New York Times…and many other national media outlets. Known for her “on set styling” for L.A.’s hottest television shows, she can also be found dressing the A-list stars heading to the biggest red carpet events.   Ali is an influential fashion blogger, on-camera fashion expert, TV personality and has her own digital channel. Ali can also be seen each week hosting Southern California’s “Fashionista’s Now Boarding”.


Facebook: AliLevineDesign
Twitter: @AliLevineDesign
Instagram: @alilevinedesign