5 Days to a Healthier You

One for each day of the workweek because life can get busy (but there's always time for cake!)

Ladies, we all know we should be taking care of ourselves 52 weeks a year, but let’s be honest –  that doesn’t always happen. We have jobs, we have kids, we have…french fries.  Well, good news. National Women’s Health Week (May 8 – 14) starts this Sunday, so we’ve provided 5 simple tips to get you back on track.

5 Days to a Healthier You

MONDAY: Plan a week of delicious and healthy meals. Spoiler alert: you get to eat cake.

5 Days to a Healthier YouTUESDAY: Do a self-breast exam. We know, we know, you’re tired of hearing it… but just take 5 minutes and do it already. 

5 Days to a Healthier You

WEDNESDAY: Find a new workout class (it will give you an excuse to get those $150 yoga pants you’ve been eyeing).  5 Days to a Healthier You

THURSDAY: Grab a glass of wine and a girlfriend, it could do you both good:


FRIDAY: Three words: Get. It. On.

5 Days to a Healthier You

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