10 Things You’ve Always Wondered About Boobs

Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we’re boob-experts. There is so much to know and learn! We’ve trolled the Internet on your behalf and have come up with 10 fun and interesting facts that will help you better understand the faithful companions you’ve had since puberty.

 1. Boob-loss is real, and it’s not cool

Boobs volunteer as tributeAnyone who has ever experienced dramatic weight loss knows the sacrifice that comes with shedding those pounds – your boobs can gain and lose weight just like you! Because boobs are primarily composed of fat tissue, the cells respond to diet and exercise like the fat cells in other parts of your body, so when you slim down, your boobs often slim down too.

2. Yes they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

Boobs so big and perky everyone thinks they're fakeIf size matters, then boobs are trending up – the average breast size has increased in the last 15 years, due to a number of factors – an increase in the average weight of women, accessibility to breast augmentation surgery and more accurate bra sizing. In the last 20 years, the average boob size has grown from 34B to a voluptuous 36C!

3. No wonder my back hurts!

My those boobs look heavyThat larger breast size also means some extra weight – most boobs weigh just over one pound and contain 4-5% of a woman’s body’s fat.

4. The Magda-factor

The Magda factorOh, the dreaded sagging – we all look to avoid it, but some activities can add to the sag. Smoking, skipping sunscreen and yo-yo dieting can cause your girls to lose some of their perkiness.

5. We must, we must, we must increase our bust!

BustMaster ExerciseLuckily there are some things we can do to protect perkiness. Try exercising your pectoral muscles, particularly with pushups and chest presses to build up underlying muscles and give your girls a natural lift.

6. Flaunt if you got em’

Free the nipple!If you’re looking to Free the Nipple without winding-up in jail, it is completely legal in certain U.S. cities for women to bare their breasts, such as Honolulu, HI; New York City; Washington D.C.; Eugene and Portland, OR; Boulder, CO; Austin, TX; Asheville, NC; Columbus, OH; Madison, WI; Sante Fe, NM; and Keene, NH.

7. Jennifer Lawrence’s lopsided boobs are totally normal

Uneven BoobsWhen it comes to size, there’s a good chance one of your boobs is larger than the other. Don’t fret – breast asymmetry is totally normal. Typically, the left boob is the larger of the two, though experts are not sure why.

8. Seven shapes of highly successful boobs

7 Boob ShapesSpeaking of shape, there are apparently seven different shapes of boobs –from round to teardrop to side-sets, but lets face it, aren’t we all east-west girls when lying down?

9. What happened to my boobs?

Kendall and Gigi PMS BoobsSize can also fluctuate – if you’ve ever felt your boobs were bigger during your period, you aren’t imagining things. Sixty-eight percent of women aged 25-45 experience premenstrual breast discomfort, including breast swelling, during their monthly cycles. Your partner might love the way it looks, but odds are you may not want to get too close because swollen often means sore too, which isn’t quite as sexy.

10. Your boobs are hungry!

Boob foodYour boobs need iodine! While iodine is commonly associated with the thyroid, all of the cells in your body need iodine, especially female breast tissue! If your boobs hurt before your period – it could be a sign of an iodine deficiency. If want to help alleviate “PMS Breasts”, you should try a molecular iodine.

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