The 5 Stages of PMS Breasts

While grief may be part of your monthly relationship with your period, we’re talking about 5 very different stages.  Comment below if you can relate, and learn more about PMS Breasts at


The Girls, Ep.2

The Girls Have Something to Say, Episode 2. The girls discuss body image, dressing for your breast size, causes they love, and women at work. Also, the girls interview Lisa Watts, Executive Director at the SOUND Institute, and discuss the importance of knowing your breast density and new imaging techniques.


The Girls Have Something To Say

The show that celebrates the diversity of women and their unique points of view as they chat about all things in life that are important to them – the good, the bad, the funny – including sex, health, fashion, career, family, and of course, boobs.

Voluntary Mastectomy
Breast Health

The Angelina Effect

You’ve probably caught wind of a recent movement for some women to opt for a voluntary mastectomy. Those two words seem scary, and you may wonder why an extreme surgery to remove breasts has become more commonplace. Isn’t that supposed to be a last resort?

Well, it actually makes a lot of sense, with the prevalence …

Boob on the Street

Boob on the Street

As part of our Year of the Boob celebration, comedian Tory Shulman takes to the street to talk to women about their boobs!